Connect: Interactive Virtual Communication platform.
Design for an interactive virtual communication platform created in Figma. Created to suit online learning/teaching, online webinars, real-time collaborative team work, and live presentations.
Home Page: Users can join a Connect without an account by entering a Connect code provided to them. Users can also create a Connect account to host their own Connects.
Live Tab: In this tab users can create live edits to a shared file connected through Google Drive, or the host can present a personal document or file for the rest to view. Users can also connect through video/voice call, and can choose to mute or turn off their webcams.
Board Tab: In this tab hosts or users can post content on to the board. On the board there is a Resource Tab where users can view all resources posted by the Connect members; resources can be links, documents and PDFs, videos, or other files. There is also a file viewer to open links or files posted to the Resource Tab. This allows users to quickly navigate between relevant information shared by the Connect host, and other Connect users.
Communcation Tab: In this tab users can connect via chat messages. On the left there is a public chat available to all members of the Connect, and on the right users have access to direct messages and group chats.